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Specialized Services

General preparation information

  • * The preparation can be carried out either using a chamfer or a shoulder preparation with rounded interior angle.
  • * A circular cutting depth of one millimeter is required.
  • * The vertical preparation angle should be 3°, however, parallel preparation is also possible if clinically required.
  • * All transitions from the axial towards the occlusal surfaces must be rounded.



Hawley Retainer is one of the most common retainers used after removal of braces. Retainers are necessary to hold the teeth into their new position, allowing for settling of the supporting tissues. Hawley retainers are made of acrylic and wire and are fabricated specifically for each patient by taking an impression.

When you first get the retainers, you will be instructed to wear them full time except when you eat and brush. As your teeth stabilize in the bone, you will be instructed to reduce the number of hours you wear your retainers. We instruct and encourage all of our patients to continue to wear their retainers indefinitely. Even wearing your retainers up to two nights a week for the rest of your life will reinforce the stabilization of your straight teeth.