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Specialized Services

General preparation information

  • * The preparation can be carried out either using a chamfer or a shoulder preparation with rounded interior angle.
  • * A circular cutting depth of one millimeter is required.
  • * The vertical preparation angle should be 3°, however, parallel preparation is also possible if clinically required.
  • * All transitions from the axial towards the occlusal surfaces must be rounded.



Immediate dentures are placed at the same time that teeth are extracted, and may require additional adjustments after the healing process as it can take months for the bone and tissue to stabilize after tooth extractions.
After the passage of time, approximately 6 months, the denture will have to be rebased, relined or a new denture will have to be made. Rebasing or the making of a new denture involves additional time and expense to the patient. Before this can be done the denture has to be worn by using denture adhesives to help hold the denture in place.
Perhaps the most important advantage of immediate dentures is that you never need to appear in public without any teeth and when immediate dentures are inserted, they act as a bandage and help to reduce bleeding.
However, like any other procedure, the insertion of immediate dentures does have limitations, of which you should be aware. There are some people for whom immediate dentures are not advisable because of their general health or specific oral problems.