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Those who tend to price shop for laboratories may think that, “a crown is a crown is a crown.” This is simply not true. Not all labs or technicians are able to make crowns that closely resemble nature. Zen international Dental Lab does. We use the best ceramic and zirconia materials on the market and offer a select few proven metal alloys to meet your individual needs. Because we are artist craftsmen, you can be sure that no matter the type of restoration, what you get in return is a work of art.


Every case goes through the same technicians and is treated with the utmost attention to detail. New hires must have a proven background in dental laboratory technology and be thoroughly trained in our methods before they are allowed to work on any live cases. Our goal is to give you high quality restorations that fit, seat and match shade every time. Zen international dental lab solicits feedback from client dentists and uses this information to constantly develop better working practices.

Expertise & Reputation

Our Expertise in the industry, has a proven record with our clients and doctors.
Our methodology and prompt delivery provides us the reputation of repeated orders and generate customer relationship.

Customer Service

Zen international Dental lab is dedicated to client-care. Each client dentist is treated as if they are the first and last customer Zen international dental lab will ever have. Each doctor will have his, or her own database of preferences, so each will be treated the way he, or she wants. Our easy to use website and e-mail allows for immediate attention to a particular case. We welcome phone calls and will spend as much time in conversation as desired.



We quickly respond to your needs and expect the same from our clients. We wish to build lasting relationships, so your needs are our concern. Each case is sent back to the clinic with a report card, to let you grade our efforts. We learn from your feedback and work on areas that need improvement. Our goal is not to minimize mistakes, but to eliminate them entirely.


As mentioned before, we believe that price should be one of the last reasons to shop for a dental lab; however, we understand the need to find a good value. We are priced fairly in the middle and well below what our class of competitors charge. We market our products to discourage price shopping and believe that once you try us you will see the value of having Zen International Dental Lab as your laboratory partner. We believe that what you pay for is well worth the service and quality you get. No matter what your cosmetic needs,Zen International Dental Lab is your best choice for all-ceramic, ceramic metal, zirconia and metal implants.